As well as enlarging your penis, SizeGenetics™ is also clinically proven to help straighten curvatures.

The SizeGenetics™ device was originally created to benefit penile curvature sufferers, and unlike many unwearable devices it’s designed to provide maximum comfort, allowing you to achieve a straighter, longer penis.”

SizeGenetics™ Can Help Straighten Your Penis Too!

Do you suffer from a curved penis? Is it getting in the way of your confidence and your sex life? Don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal.

You are not alone. There are men everywhere suffering from varying degrees of curved and bent penises.

But there is good news. A curved penis does not need to be permanent.

In fact, penis extenders like the SizeGenetics™ device, have been used by real medical professionals to help thousands of men the world over straighten their penis, making them look longer, straighter and more impressive!

The SizeGenetics™ device benefits you in two distinct ways by helping to:

  • Straighten your penis: Use the extender to help straighten your penis by gently stretching it over a period of time, making it look more impressive for both you and your partner.
  • Extend your penis: As well as helping to straighten your penis, the extender can also help extend it by multiple inches!

Peyronies Disease

Peyronies Disease (also known as bent penis syndrome) is a medical condition which causes curvature of the penis.

The exact cause of peyronies is unknown. It is thought to be caused by the leaking of blood from damaged blood vessels into other parts of the penis. This causes scar tissue (fibrous plaques) to develop along the shaft of the penis, leading to curvature or an hourglass shape.

There are a variety of surgical treatments for Peyronies but these aren’t without risks. You will normally need to wait until the curvature is fully developed before surgery can take place, and this can take as long as 12-18 months. And there is still the very real possibility that surgery could leave you with a shorter penis.

But there is another option!

Studies have shown that stretching the penis using a traction device like SizeGenetics™ can be effective at reducing the curvature and increasing the length of the penis.

In fact, SizeGenetics™ is a Type 1 Medical Device originally created by Dr. Jorn Siana to help with penile curvatures!

A Straighter and Longer Penis

Did you know, when your penis is straighter it will look longer?

You see the problem is that the bend in your penis can give you the false illusion that your penis is smaller than it really is. You might have a big penis but not know it! Penile curvature can affect your confidence, making you a less effective lover in the bedroom both physically and psychologically.

SizeGenetics™ will help you reveal the real size of your penis. And because it can even extend its length by inches, the SizeGenetics™ device can give you a penis you can be proud of.

SizeGenetics™ Multi-Directional Angling (MDA) headpiece and 58-Way Comfort System have been designed to give maximum comfort and support for penile curvature.

Many penis extenders would simply not be wearable for Peyronies sufferers. But with SizeGenetics™ you can be confident your extender will not only fit your penis, but also provide maximum comfort, meaning you can wear it for longer.

Order SizeGenetics™ today and get your confidence back in the bedroom